Safety in Light Aviation "Ya Hafta AFTA"

Hosting the Annual Wisconsin Light Aviation Safety Seminar

Greetings to the many supporters and attendees of the Wisconsin Ultralight/Light Plane Safety Seminar.

Unfortunately, after 29 years of service, and plenty of great memories and enjoyment, the WULAC Council is unanimously retiring. However, if you are interested in Getting Involved with this annual event, the aviation safety seminar welcomes you to step forward, and continue WULAC. We have on going tools, a data base, our support, and knowledge to guide a small group of aviation safety enthusiasts to continue the Lightplane Safety Seminars. Yes, we will get you going in the correct direction. We would like to hear from you, sooner than later.

In the meantime a suggestion from us, is to sign up for monthly aviation safety webinars with you will get email notifications automatically every time that a webinar or a seminar comes out. The time it takes to register is less than 10 minutes as a new account user.

Thank you for your past and future commitment to Aviation Safety.

Please feel free to reach out to any of us no later than July 1,2022 with any questions you may have.

Steve Krueger 715-204-2928

Steve Magdic 262-370-3182

Dan Marlenga 715-573-6220

Lee Taylor 262-443-0758

Jack LaSee 715-613-4131